What is Comedy Baseball?

Comedy Baseball is a competitive joke telling game where two teams of comedians make jokes up on the spot, and the audience's reaction to said jokes determine how well of a "swing" they receive in the baseball game.

Each inning of a game is a different joke structure, for example: "Back in my day, we didn't have (audience suggestion), we (joke)". At the top of the inning, we get 7 suggestions from the audience, of which each team gets to veto 1 suggestion, leaving us with 5 suggestions. These 5 suggestions are the Pitches for that inning. The pitcher chooses a pitch, and the batter will either swing with a joke, or take a strike and get another suggestion from the pitcher.

The batter eventually gets a pitch he likes, and swings. They tell a joke. The umpire gauges the audience's reaction to the joke, and uses our secret and complicated 1-10 joke rating system, which correlates to the a set a differences in variables of strength, speed, distance, and height of the balls trajectory. Long story short, bad jokes are short, bad hits. Good jokes send the fielders running for the fences, with the best being Homeruns.

After a player swings, the whole game is automated. Sometimes the players do their own thing and make hilarious errors, which has led us to coin our catchphrase:

"That's Comedy Baseball!"



April 11th
Trill Buckner VS Sons of Pitches
EndGames VS Pianofighters
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April 18th
Sylvan VS Steve-Mike-Dwayne
Pitch Please VS Helpos
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April 25th
Nanettes VS Mutiny Radio
Pianofighters VS Critical Hit
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May 2nd
Steve-Mike-Dwayne VS Good Sporting Dicks
Helpos VS Fart Butt
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May 9th
Sylvan VS Trill Buckner
Pitch PLease VS Endgames
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May 16th
Mutiny Radio VS Sons of Pitches
Critical Hit VS Helpos
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May 23rd
The Nanettes VS Steve-Mike-Dwayne
Pianofighters VS Pitch Please
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June 13th
Good Sporting Dicks VS Trill Buckner
Fart Butt VS Endgames
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June 20th
Steve-Mike-Dwayne VS Mutiny Radio
Pitch Please VS Critical Hit
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June 27th
Sons of Pitches VS Sylvan
EndGames VS Helpos
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July 3rd
Trill Buckner VS The Nanettes
Fart Butt VS Pianofighters
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July 11th
Mutiny Radio VS Sylvan
Critical Hit VS EndGames
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July 18th
Steve-Mike-Dwayne VS Trill Buckner
Fart Butt VS Pitch Please
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July 25th
Sons of Pitches VS Good Sporting Dicks
Helpos VS Pianofighters
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August 1st
Trill Buckner VS Mutiny Radio
Good Sporting Dicks VS Sylvan
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August 8th
Nanettes VS Sons of Pitches
Mutiny Radio VS Good Sporting Dicks
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August 15th
Sylvan VS The Nanettes
Steve-Mike-Dwayne VS Sons of Pitches
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